Yuxiao (Shawn) Ning

Associate Vice President Origination, Western Canada

Shawn (宁宇骁) joined Trez Capital in 2017 and is currently focused on sourcing, negotiating and structuring new mortgage transactions across the Greater Vancouver area and other strategic markets throughout Western Canada.

Shawn has strong experience in the North American commercial real estate market. He has built his career on solid institutional quality underwriting and has actively formed a strong network of local connections. In addition, Shawn has a unique background of structuring cross border transactions for Chinese institutional, retail and state-owned companies.

Prior to joining Trez Capital, Shawn served as Vice President of Investment at Kuafu Properties, a prominent New York based real estate private equity and development company. He was an integral member of Kuafu’s investment team, closing over $1.5 billion of investments by total costs and investing over $400 million of equity on behalf of Chinese investors. In addition, Shawn held a significant leadership role in the negotiating, structuring and closing of over $100 million of equity investment from LP investors to Kuafu’s various projects. Shawn commenced his career in commercial real estate on GDC Properties’ acquisitions team after working as a quantitative analyst for some of the largest Wall Street institutions/funds.

Shawn holds a Master of Engineering in Financial Engineering from Cornell University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (Cumma Laude) from New York University.