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2021 Lender Insights – Observations from Industry Veterans: John Hutchinson

March 03, 2021

France Media reached out to leading direct lenders from across the region to gain their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead, factors most affecting the lending environment, plus the property sectors to watch for 2021.

John Hutchinson
President, Central & Southwestern U.S., Trez Capital

What is the biggest challenge you anticipate in 2021 as a direct lender or financial intermediary in commercial real estate?
The biggest challenge facing real estate lenders in 2021 is trying to underwrite the continuing impact of the pandemic on various property types and the country’s return to a more ‘normal economy.’ The market has continuously shifted throughout the pandemic, and Trez Capital adapted just as quickly with our forethought and strategy. Our team’s resilient approach focused on the strongest product types, and we will continue to grow stronger in 2021.

Where do you see the biggest business opportunity in commercial real estate for your company in 2021?
The biggest opportunities in 2021 will continue to be residential properties, especially with low interest rates. We anticipate that as we start to see increases in the strength of the economy, growth in single-family, multifamily and build-to-rent products will be even more supported. Trez Capital’s reputation is based on providing innovative financing for commercial properties in major high-growth centers throughout Canada and the United States, and we will continue to do what we do best throughout this year – delivering results for investors and borrowers.

What property sector(s) is your company most bullish on in 2021 and why?
Due to population and employment growth in the cities in which Trez Capital does business, we feel there will be opportunities to finance self-storage facilities in addition to residential projects.

In what way(s) has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your company’s day-to-day operations?
The pandemic has impacted our business on several fronts. With many employees working from home, it is taking much longer to obtain municipal approvals and receive work product from third-party consultants. Travel is more difficult and prolongs the due diligence process and property inspections. In general, it seems the closing process is taking longer. As we navigate through the pandemic, Trez Capital remains a trusted partner for clients backed by a diligent team committed to each deal. Continuous communication and collaboration are key, and we always keep our clients’ best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

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