Trez Capital Finance Funds

Institutional Limited Partnerships

We have earned the trust of institutional investors since 2007 by delivering above-average, risk-adjusted yields from investments in commercial mortgages. Our institutional clients include:

  • Pension funds, including corporate, municipal, provincial, unions, etc.
  • Endowment funds and charitable foundations

Commercial mortgages share many characteristics of a high-yield, interest-bearing bond, yet are secured by real property. Recognizing the predictable income and unique diversification benefits of these investments, our clients typically allocate 5%-10% of total fund assets to this asset class, in addition to a real estate equity strategy.

We employ a variety of investment strategies and fund structures to create conservative portfolios of high-yield commercial mortgages. Combining our expertise in sourcing, underwriting and structuring investments with rigorous due diligence, we create opportunities for institutional investors to invest through a limited partnership structure that features:

  • Focused strategy. We achieve superior risk-adjusted returns, while minimizing exposure to interest-rate risk by funding short-term, commercial mortgages of quality properties.
  • Preferred returns. We target investment returns of 7-8%, with a partnership structure which aligns our interests with that of our clients.
  • Investment oversight. Governance and compliance with investment policies is provided through an investment committee and advisory board.
  • Comprehensive reporting. We provide audited annual financial statements, monthly performance reports, and semi-annual procedures audit.

Trez Capital Finance Funds


$102mm of committed capital
Inception Date: November 2007
9.2% Annualized Since Inception


$84mm of committed capital
Inception Date: January 2011
8.4% Annualized Since Inception


$92mm of committed capital
Inception Date: May 2012
8.1% Annualized Since Inception


$92mm of committed capital
Inception Date: October 2013
7.5% Annualized Since Inception


$150mm of committed capital
Inception Date: January 2015
7.0% Annualized Since Inception 


$112mm of committed capital
Inception Date: August 2016


$127mm of committed capital
Inception Date: October 2018


To explore the benefits of investing in a portfolio of high-yield commercial mortgages, please contact:

Daniel Marchand

Daniel Marchand

Senior Vice President, Head of Investor Global Sales


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Gordon Kim

Gordon Kim

Vice President, Institutional Business Development


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