Trez Capital Private Real Estate Fund Trust | Series I

Net Asset Value1


¹effective August 31, 2023

Trez Capital Private Real Estate Fund Trust (TPREF) allows investors to maximize their real estate return by investing in a diversified basket of high-quality development projects located in some of the strongest real estate markets in the United States and Canada.

Fund Summary

Fund NameTrez Capital Private Real Estate Fund Trust
LaunchAugust 31, 2021
FundServ CodeTRZ620
CurrencyCanadian Dollar
Security TypePrivate Equity Real Estate
Minimum Subscription$5,000,000 CAD
Purchase FrequencyMonthly
LiquidityT+20, please refer to Offering Memorandum for other important information
Target ReturnsThe objective of the Trust is to generate a total net return (including capital appreciation and income) that exceeds 12.00% per annum over a ten-year hold period

Net Asset Value (NAV)¹







¹Trez Capital Private Real Estate Fund Trust was introduced on August 31, 2021. The Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit is calculated as of the last business day of each month and posted by the end of the first business day of the following month.





Management FeeAn annual percentage fee, as determined by the Manager, of the Net Asset Value as calculated and payable on a quarterly basis.1

Acquisition Fees1.00% of the purchase price, proforma cost, or capital commitment of any Trust investment.
Exit Fees0.50% of the sale price of any asset sold by the Trust, multiplied by Trust’s percentage ownership at sale.
Manager Participating Interest5.00% of any distribution or redemptions proceeds paid to any or all unitholders.

1 The early investor feature will reduce the management fees as outlined in the Offering Memorandum for up to the 1st year of the existence of the trust.


To discuss minimum investment amounts and eligibility, please contact Trez Capital Fund Management L.P.


Institutional Investors form a core part of our investor base. As investors seek ways to diversify away from equities and traditional fixed income to enhance cash flow and mitigate risk, Trez Capital’s tailored institutional offerings provide a variety of attractive alternative investment solutions.

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