Jason S. Stowe

Vice President

Jason S. Stowe is Vice President of Trez Capital Texas and joined the firm in March 2015 to work on equity partnerships and debt opportunities.  From February 2009 to March 2015, Mr. Stowe was Investment Manager of the Southwestern U.S. for Stratford Realty Capital, responsible for identifying land investment opportunities, the origination of land loans and management of the investment portfolio.  Prior to Stratford, Mr. Stowe worked for Pegasus Ablon Properties, a commercial real estate acquisition and development company specializing in undervalued opportunities. He performed numerous roles with the company including business development, investment oversight, and transaction support.  Preceding Pegasus Ablon Properties, Mr. Stowe managed the business development and marketing activities for Fricke Real Estate Investments, a boutique private equity group involving asset management, maintaining client relationships, and fund-raising.  Mr. Stowe was also employed by CDX Gas, LLC, as Special Project Director, focused on real estate, natural resources, business development, marketing activities and humanitarian efforts.