Higher yields. Lower volatility. Secure capital.

Mortgage and real estate related investments are becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products. At Trez Capital, we can align your objectives with a range of investments that provide:

  • Access to commercial mortgage markets not typically available to individuals
  • Greater portfolio diversification with less correlation to stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Less volatility than equities and more security than bonds

Our proprietary products include mortgage investments for retail investors, managed portfolios for affluent individuals and institutional portfolios for pension and endowment funds. With our deep understanding of Canadian property markets, we meet the needs of investors who are seeking

  • Higher yields than traditional investment products, such as bonds and GICs
  • Stable, reliable income, with provision for early redemption
  • Mitigated interest rate risk, through short term commitments and floating rate loans

Trez Capital offers private and institutional investors opportunities to participate in fully secured commercial mortgage offerings with a variety of investment strategies and structures.


If you are interested in learning more about Trez Capital’s private mortgage funds, please contact us.


For family offices, portfolio managers or investment advisors: sales@trezcapital.com or 647.788.1176.

For investors: investor-services@trezcapital.com or 877.689.0821.