Trez Capital was founded by Morley Greene, a lawyer with extensive experience in the mortgage and real estate industries. While practicing law, Morley came to realize that large financial institutions weren’t meeting the needs of commercial property owners and developers. Banks often refused to adjust rigid lending criteria or responded slowly to financing opportunities, even for a borrower with a solid track record and desirable property security. Recognizing the opportunity to provide short-term financing for properties undergoing repositioning or renovation, Morley formed Trez Capital in 1997.

Morley Greene, Founder Trez Capital

Trez Capital soon began to increase market share in major Canadian cities by focusing on smaller developers of high-quality properties. Borrowers appreciated our flexible terms, competitive rates and quick approvals on commercial mortgages. We also built a loyal following of private investors. Attracted by our stable returns, real-property security and extensive risk analysis, investors initially participated through syndication arrangements and later mortgage investment corporations. Canada was our first market for those investments; however, we eventually expanded into the United States.

Trez Capital has since grown to become one of the most established and respected names in commercial lending and private debt investing – an institution with a growing footprint in Canada and the United States.